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Samvatsar, which falls on chaitra shukla pratipada is traditionally the first day of new year……


The new year, which we are talking about here is not the more popular one which starts on 1st of January, but the traditional Indian new year.


Time is a continuous process. That’s why we require a reference point to measure the passage of time for better planning of future. This reference point can be any day of the year and it is better if the day has some historical, cosmic, geographical or religious significance.


Traditionally, we consider Chaitra Shukla Pratipada as the New Year day. This day has following significance:


1) This is the day on which Lord Brahma started creating the universe.


2) Navratri celebrations start on this day.


3) This is the time when nature rejuvenates in Indian continent i.e. spring sets in with lot many plants flowering and new eruptions on trees after barren looks of winter.


4) After defeating the sakas in fiercely fought battle, the great Hindu King Vikramaditya introduced a new reference year under the name Vikram era on this day (57 B.C.).


As we know Bihariji is not bound by time but He is the master of time, so it does not matter to Him how we count the time- days, months and years. We recognize it as a special day and therefore look to the Lord seeking blessings for the coming year. It is considered auspicious to listen to the astrological analysis and forecasts for the coming year on this day.


Why do we hear to the forecasts?


It is the natural tendency of human beings to know about the future and be rest assured that the coming times are comfortable.


How do we react in case we find the predictions are not very assuring?


Do we not ask the astrologers for some remedial measures to ward off the evil effects of the unfavorable planetary configurations?


What are the types of remedial measures suggested by the astrologers? They are about recitation of certain mantras, practicing special rituals, making some specific donations, undertaking pilgrimages, feeding the poor or animals and alike.


Bound by the cause-effect relationship, as propounded in epics, a person undergoes good as well as bad times.


Astrologically we interpret good and bad times as influence of benevolent and malefic planets. Truly speaking it is our own past karma that influences our present. The only way to come out of the cause effect cycle is to recognize the supremacy of Lord and surrender all our karma to Him i.e. one should not have any attachment with the result or the effect of karma.


Swami Sri Haridas explains clearly:


Kahoo ko vash nanhin, tumhari kripa te sab hoy bihari-biharini|

Aur to mithya prpanch bhashiye, so to hai harini||


None has any control (over the happenings); this is only by your kindness O LORD that the universe is as it is. Everything else is illusion and these worldly attachments defeat the very purpose of human life.

The ultimate truth is expressed in such simple words.



Jahi tum so hit , taso tum hit karo sab sukh karini|

Shri haridas ke swami, Shyama kunjbihari pranan ke adharin||


Those who seek you earnestly and single mindedly are ultimately able to attain YOU. And YOU take them under your care where they enjoy all comforts and happiness.


Here we should understand that Swami Haridas is not talking of worldly comforts as these are perishable and short lived but he is referring to the comfort of soul or attainment of sat-chit-anand. Swami Shri Haridas says that only the supreme lord Shyama- Kunjbihari provide support for the life, that is, it is by His grace that life is sustained.


Coming back to astrological predictions and remedial measures to ward off the effects of malefic planets


1) The best mantra to recite is name of Lord Himself.


2) The best pilgrimage is to His home-Vrindavan.


3) The best donation is made in His name for a noble cause.


4) The best food that can be offered is His Prasad.


5) The best ritual is regular meditation on His glory.


So, for a devotee all the forthcoming times are good times as you are always protected by Him who protected Parikshit in the womb or his mother, who protected Prahlad in the fire, in the sea, on the mountain and every where even if He had to appear out of a stone pillar.


How the day is celebrated in the temple:


Devotees congregate in the temple courtyard much before the darshan time and the renowned astrologers read out the major aspects and forecasts for the year. Devotees listen to these with rapt attention and paint a picture of coming events in their minds- the picture can be very bright or not so bright depending upon the astrological considerations. A true devotee, unlike a pessimist who sees red light everywhere and an optimist who sees green light everywhere, is colour blind and is not carried away by these and surrenders to Lord!

At darshan time when you are eye to eye to Bihariji, just forget everything and simply pray for his kindness:


Prabhuji, mohi na bisariyo mein jan tero


O kind Lord never leave me alone, I am by you.


Jai shri kunjbihari, jai jai shri haridas

Festival Significance : First day of new year, First Navratri
Festival Date (Hindu Calender) : Chaitra Shukla Pratipada
Festival Date (English Calender) : Tue, April 09, 2024

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