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The management committee of Shri Banke Bihari Mandir is responsible for the management of daily affairs and maintenance of the temple. The management committee at various points in time has also undertaken various charitable projects for the benefit of local population as well as for the propagation of education, both modern as well as traditional education encompassing sanskrit and music. The management committee comprises of 4 elected trustees from the board of trustees, another 3 members nominated by elected trustees and approved by district judicial authorities. The nominated members would be eminent citizens with a record of social services. The committee also has a representative of government (judiciary). The tenure of management committee is for 3 years.

The Goswamis or trustees of Shri Banke Bihari Mandir are the descendants of 'Swami Shri Haridas' younger brother, Goswami Jagannath. Swami Shri Haridas had entrusted Goswami Jagannath with his reverred Thakurji Shri Banke Bihariji. Since then his descendants have been taking care of Thakurji including protection from plundering invaders and intolerant rulers of the middle ages. They have also been spreading the word of love and concept of Madhurya Bhakti. Trustees undertook the gigantic task of construction of a new temple befitting the glory of Thakurji with their own resources in mid ninteenth(19th) centuary. The trustees are still heavily involved with various charitable projects like gaushala, dharamshala etc. Meanwhile continuing with the duty bestowed by Swami Shri Haridas, this website too is an initiative by the trustees of Shri Banke Bihari Mandir to spread the love of Shri Banke Bihariji Maharaj and Madhurya Bhakti.