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Purushottam Adhika Maas starts by 18th Aug

We would like to inform that Purushottam Adhika Maas will be started by 18th Aug 2012 and ended on 16th Sep 2012Adhik Mass is also known as Purushottam, Mal Maas, Adhimaas, Malimaluch, Sansarpa or Ahansapati Maas. Adhik Maas is the extra month in a lunar-solar calender that comes after every third year. Thus, the month that does not carry Surya Sankranti is known as Adhik Maas. This month is considered to be very important in scriptures. There is a difference between lunar and solar year and to compensate this differences Adhik maas is added in the calender.

Charity, donation, homas performed during this month are considered very important. There are 12 months in a solar calender based on the cycle of Sun in a year and an additional month is known as Adhik Maas or Mal Maas. During this period, auspicious work such as marriage, mundan etc are prohibited but religious undertakings are considered to be fruitful.

When does Adhik Maas come

The description of Adhik Mass can be found in Aithreya Brahmana, Taitreya Samhita Rigveda, Arthaveda etc. Adhik Maas is an astrological calculation according to which Sun completes its cycle in 30.44 days that makes one solar month and a solar year consists of 365.25 days. Likewise, a lunar month consists of 29.53 days and 354.36 days makes a lunar year. Apparently there is a difference of 10.87 days between both the calenders and this difference extends to one month after every 3 years. To compensate the difference in time between both the calenders Adhik Maas was introduced.

What to do and What not to do during Adhik Maas

Charity, fasting, homas, meditation etc are considered auspicious during this period. People who perform religious activities with pure heart get relief from their sufferings. According to ancient scriptures such as Bhagvat Purana any religious work done in Purushottam maas are very fruitful. Taking bath in pilgrimage sites in this month has a special significance.

According to ancient scriptures, in this month the devotee should recite Bhagvad Gita and stories of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu to attain wealth and prosperity. The devotees should sleep on the floor and eat one meal in a day during this month. Any kind of auspicious work like Pitra puja,marriage, etc should not be performed in this month.

Mythological Significanc of Adhik Maas

As per the legend, Adhik Maas went to Lord Vishnu and requested him to provide a Lord to him also since every month, nakshatra and day are devoted to some or the other Lord. But, Adhik Maas did not have any Lord. Lord Vishnu granted the wish and said that, “ You will be known by my name Purushottam”. Since then this month is also known as Purushottam maas and Lord Vishnu is the Lord of it.


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