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Welcome to Shri Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan
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Nidhivan - Places In Vrindavan

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Nidhivan is one of the most famous, religious and mysterious place in the paavan city of india that is vrindavan. It has many interesting stories or myths. This van(park) is surrounded with small trees all around the van and is home of monkeys.

Yes i am coming on its interesting side, first of all Lord Banke Bihari's pratima(statue) situated in

"Banke Bihari temple" came from the ground of paavan(holy) Nidhivan. A divine saint "Swami Haridas" used to please his priyapritam Lord Banke Bihari(Thakur Ji) by pouring the melodious rapture of his thrilling music in Nidhivan. And kind Bihari ji appear in his dream and also blessed him by appearing in the ground of Nidhivan and there is a temple at that place inside Nidhivan named PrakatyaSathal(place of appearence of shree bihari ji) .

Moving on there is another mysterious conception is associated with this temple that is after the sacred process of Arti(kind of vespers) at 8 p.m., not only human but also any kind of single animal can't stay in temple even monkeys. As Lord Radhakrishna appear in the night to perform their Ras Lila(spritual activities) And if anyone is present there to see that either he/she becomes dumb, deaf, blind or even dies. He/she not found hale and hearty in the morning to disclose the spritual secret of Lord Radhkrishna.
One more thing it is said that priest puts two tooth brushes, some holy water in jug with sweets and ready bed after Arti but in morning everything is found and seen as if someone has used it. So that all about my knowledge of one of my most favourite place in India.


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You can hire taxi, auto, vechicle to reach here.

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Shri Banke bihariji temple near Nidhivan

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Everything is available here.

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